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In 2009, husband and wife Ben and Trine Davies, opened their first hearing clinic in Swansea and opened up sister company Hearing Wales.  

The demand for our services has grown year on year, due to new and innovative hearing technology, and from increased  GP and hospital referrals for private services, and we have been looking after clients in England since 2010. 


To be brave enough to compete with national hearing aid companies, Hearing England (and Hearing Wales) HAD to be different in order to be successful. 

Our mission is to offer ‘the best available independent private hearing care, with the best after-sales service in the UK’.

Our business model is heavily reliant on customer recommendations, which is why we all have a vested interest in you being totally delighted with our services.

We get a real buzz out of helping people improve their hearing, which can make such a positive difference to their lives.

Please call us on 0800 3134304 and find out how we can help you.

Hearing England is a family owned business that is totally independent.  Unlike national companies, we are not told what we can prescribe, so we can ensure we find the right solution for you!


We believe comprehensive individual aftercare is an essential part of the package we offer our clients. There are no hidden costs when you purchase a hearing aid with us. All our appointments are completely free of charge and without obligation.

If you think you may have a hearing loss, come and see us for a free hearing test and consultation with our expert audiology team. We can help support you through the process and find the best solution for you.

Find out more about hearing tests and what to expect here. 

You will never find any of our team trying to persuade you into purchasing hearing technology that may be unsuitable for your needs, however new on the market it may be. Our business is largely built on recommendations and we will always advise you honestly.

Our Audiology Team

We are pleased to introduce our brilliant team of hearing aid specialists! Our Audiologists have professional clinical experience and provide expert guidance to every customer with their hearing loss journey. All are registered with the Health Care and Professions Council and they pride themselves on their advanced training in the latest techniques to help combat hearing loss, including fitting the Phonak Lyric. They are all qualified to offer Microsuction ear wax removal. 


Our Customer Care Team

We have a fantastic audiology support team who are always on hand to assist our customers with their rehabilitation and aftercare requirements. Everyone who works at Hearing Wales has extensive training to be able to offer over the phone support to customers as well as help with general cleaning and maintenance advice. Alongside  booking appointments for customers, they also liaise directly with the manufacturers to facilitate the orders and warranty service agreements that are provided with any purchase from Hearing Wales.


Local Service, Local to you

Many parts of England have small populations and that can mean that customers have to travel large distances to get the care, products or services they need. Through our unique business model we bring our portfolio to you at very competitive prices. Our Audiologists equipment is completely portable allowing us to test your hearing anywhere and everywhere. 

Free, No Obligation Hearing Tests

If you have not had a hearing test before, we realise that you may be concerned about what to expect. You have no need to be, as hearing tests are totally painless and straightforward. 

We can arrange for you to be seen by an experienced and fully qualified audiologist either in the comfort and privacy of your own home or in our mobile hearing clinic at a time that is convenient for you. All Hearing England Tests are FREE and with NO obligation and conducted by qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

New Online Hearing Test

Our simple online hearing test is designed to help you on your way to better hearing. It does not replace a clinical hearing test carried out by a professional audiologist but it is a place to start if you think you may have issues with your hearing.

Click on the link below to try out our new online hearing test:

Hearing Wales Online Hearing Test