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Newest Range of Phonak Hearing Aids – Phonak Paradise

August 2020 has seen the launch of Phonak’s newest platform of hearing aids – Phonak Paradise, and we have enjoyed spending some time reviewing them over the last few weeks.

Phonak have always been innovative in the technology they include in their hearing systems, and the Paradise hearing aids are no different.

A feature of this range of hearing aids is the Speech Enhancer which benefits the user by allowing them to enjoy soft tones of speech with friends and family.

Additionally, the Paradise Hearing Aids contain Dynamic Noise Cancellation. This function, accessed via the myPhonak app, allows you to personalise the noise cancellation filter on your hearing aids. The benefits of this can be really appreciated when you are in a challenging environment with sound coming from in front, behind and either side of you!

Probably our favourite feature of the Phonak Paradise hearing aids is the Voice Assistant. This allows you to answer a phone call and play or pause music all by tapping your ear. Plus you can also stream the TV through your aids which means you can really enjoy Netflix!

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If you would like to find out more about these hearing aids, or arrange a 60 day money back trial of the Phonak Paradise hearing aids, please contact a member of the Hearing England on 0800 3134304.

Many thanks

Ben Davies

Director of Audiology